Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Welcome to me on my new quest and new way of expressing my views, feelings and thoughts.  I’m new on this field and I am very much excited to learn and hone my skills in blogging.  So bear with me and hope I can help in my own little way.

What made me decide to blog?

Ahhhh!!!! Since my high school days I’m so into cooking…I remember I will always watch cooking shows and helping my Mom in the kitchen. When I entered college I decided to take up Hotel and Restaurant Managament because I want a subject that will have hands-on cooking class.  Then I found myself having passion for food.  I love eating, trying out new menu, new places to eat.  I became a follower of food blogs and decided to put up a blog to keep track and records of my resto hopping. 

My Favorite Food Bloggers/Blogsite which I visit regularly (as in everyday!)
OurAwesomePlanet by Anton Diaz –
Frannywanny –
Beetween Bites –

Everytime they post their food reviews it made me drool and want to go to the resto right away.

Also an avid follower of dapattylaurel.blogspot and her friend Allesandra of life-after-breakfast.blogspot

There are lots of blogsites that I frequently visit and love ‘em all…=)


  1. Aww... thanks, Cai! This made me blush. Happy blogging and of course, food tripping! :)

  2. wow! thank you for the mention :) good luck with blogging and enjoy the ride! it's super fun!