Monday, April 23, 2012

My Take on ......*Big Daddy's*

After watching Hunger Games in Mall of Asia, I immediately went to Gong Cha to buy my milk tea, across Gong Cha you can see a small orange space that serves crispy chicken chop as well as porky chop. And it spells "BIG Daddy's". Interested on how crispy it is, directly went after getting my tea.  Big Daddy’s is a famous chicken store in Taiwan. 

Immediately greeted by the staff and quickly attends to my order.  The space is
occupied by their kitchen and counter.  Here you can see and watch how your food is prepared.  From the frying to the flavoring and up to the chopping.  Served hot (as in umuusok usok pa), in a paper pouch that also acts as oil absorber with a stick (pangtusok-tusok).  You have the option of flavoring your chops or have it in their Original flavor.  Unlike the Korean Fried Chicken where you only have 2 flavors to choose from, in Big Daddy’s you have 6 flavors to try on.  Namely Original, Lemon, Plum, Chili, Nori, and Wasabi and no artificial flavorings/preservatives used.  All spices are imported directly from Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia      

They also have combo meals with rice and soup or with pasta.  I ordered the Just the chops (chicken and pork) to see what I like most.

Porky Chop  Php 85.00

Chicken Chop  Php 85.00
I got the Porky Chop in Original (their best seller), while the Chicken Chop in Plum,  Both chops are super crispy, juicy and not greasy.  The Plum Chicken is sweet with the right amount of saltiness.  But I like the Original better.  I don’t know what is it they put in their breading but the taste is just right, perfect blend of spices.  Addicting and absolutely yummy!  And the serving is BIG for the price.

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =)  =)  =) (Location, Food, Price, Service)

Location: SM Mall of Asia (near the Entertainment Hall)

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