Monday, April 30, 2012

My Take on ......*Charlie's Grind*

I remember watching Ch 23’s “were u at” featuring a Burger place inside a Car wash area.  We checked out Charlie’s Grind on another visit to Kapitolyo.  Charlie’s is inside 2onetwo car wash. Initial plan was to try their Ronac Centre branch in Ortigas Avenue but eventually chose the Main branch.  Parking in Kapitolyo is a difficulty (sometimes!), to ease that you can have your car washed while enjoying a burger or the other way around.  Either way you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Not to waste time in finding a parking we opt to have the car washed (kahit malinis pa).  I directly went to the counter/cashier and studied their menu written in a blackboard.  I had a hard time choosing what to order, trying to remember the must try (based on reviews and the show)but amnesia hit me right away while standing in front of the cashier waiting for my order. So politely with a smile on my face asked her what is the best seller and what can she recommend.  She replied with a blank stare, asked her again (baka di nadinig) blank stare again (hay napaka helpful nya ha!!). So without her suggestion I ordered a Double Angus Beef Burger and a Pulled Pork Sandwich (which is not available) so changed it to a Gourmet Chicken Burger.  All their burgers are hand crafted and they also offer a wide variety of American Craft beers.

Double Angus Beef Burger  Php 385.00

Double Angus Beef Patty on a Butter bun with lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon and cheddar cheese with fries.  It was juicy and cooked medium rare to best savor the Angus beef. The saltiness from the cheddar and bacon is balanced by the sweetness of the tomato, with a crisp texture from the lettuce and a mild kick from the raw white onion.  The fresh fries is so yummy and it is one of the top fries in the Metro by (emphasis on the fresh)

Gourmet Chicken Burger  Php 255.00

For a healthier version, the marinated chicken patty is grilled with tomato, onion, lettuce and white cheddar cheese.  Moist and well seasoned.  Plus the additional delicioso fries (again).  Honestly I don’t know what makes it gourmet, did they use a free range chicken or the veggies are all organic? Anyway I finished the whole burger and it’s an absolute delight.

Half Dozen  Php 185.00

This is by far my favorite “Charlie’s Buffalo wings”, I got the sweet honey Dijon but if you want it spicy you can have the hot/nuclear.  The chicken is tender and juicy.  What I love is the veggie that comes with a bleu cheese dip that gives contrast to the sweetness of the wings.  Creamy, tangy and salty dip with the crunchy carrot, turnip and celery sticks.

Iced Tea  Php 60.00

Home brewed Iced Tea.  I’m not fond of the flavor.  I got this after taste of dalandan (not sure what they put in it) that becomes bitter afterwards.  I prefer lemon or calamansi flavored tea.

Over all Experience:

Okei =)  (Location, Food)

Location: 16 East Capitol, Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City

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