Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Take on ...... * Everybody's Cafe*

The super long weekend is over but we end it in a happy note.  On our way home after spending our vacay/holy week in Baler, Aurora we were undecided where to have our brunch.  Will it be on Tarlac or Pampanga, being near to Malabon we decided to go to Pampanga, but only 2 place comes to my mind. Bale Dutung and Everbody’s Café.  Immediately googled for the location and found out that Bale Dutung is on Angeles and by reservation only.  While Everybody’s Café is just a tumbling away from San Fernando exit and much more it is open from 7am – 10pm. I’ve read much about this café and their specialties which offers home cooked quality food.  As soon as we entered the place, we were greeted by the staff and help us decide on what to order.  She told us that their specialty is Murcon, Kamaru (Mole Crickets), Betute (Stuffed Frog) and Tapang Kalabaw (Carabeef Tapa)and so on.  Too many choices that we go for….

The big serving can be shared by 3-4 person.  Hot broth with beef shanks is a great way to start our meal.  I love the tasty soup with tender and crisp cabbage.

Murcon  Php 390.00
Expensive as it may seems but it’s all worth the ingredients and the process in making this.  Combination of ground pork, duck egg yolks, tomato, onion, garlic, queso de bola and Spanish chorizo and steamed for hours. Poured with sauce that is made from its own drippings.  Savory and rich.  It resembles Embutido but really tastes like Morcon.

Kamaru (Mole Crickets)
Mole Crickets for brunch?!? Why not give it a try.  It is cooked Adobo way then fried when ordered. It taste good like “baga ng baka” yung kinakain na street food, absorbed oil while frying.  I should’ve tried it dipped in vinegar to enjoy it much. (that’s just my preference).

Sizzling Pork Sisig
Last to be served was the Sizzling Pork Sisig, Sisig originated from Pampanga so we must try this dish.  I noticed that their sisig is more meatier compared to others and there is no raw egg to be mixed, the original sisig that is.  Squeezed with calamansi and soy sauce = delicioso.  Another cup of rice please!

We were so full that we don’t have room for dessert.  But I will be back to try their Betute (stuffed frog) and Lagat Paro (shrimp simmered in kamias)

The interiors:

Till my next visit...

Over all Experience:

Super Okei  =)  =)  (Food, Location, Service)

Location:  Del Pilar, Mac Arthur Hi-way, San Fernando, Pampanga
Store hours: 7am – 10pm

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