Monday, April 09, 2012

My Take on ...... * Ted's La Paz Batchoy*

My first taste of La Paz Batchoy was when we toured Bacolod/Iloilo/Guimaras last year after my Birthday.  We we’re treated to a Batchoy breakfast by my friend Tito and Tita.  I’m used to eating Beef Mami as my Aunt owns a Lugawan in Malabon.  And claimed that it was the best beef mami for me.  Then craved for La Paz Batchoy coz of the rainy season during summer (climate change na talaga)…and searched for Ted’s branches in Manila…found that there is a branch in Mall of Asia but opted for the cool breeze of the Tagaytay branch.   

Located in Summit Ridge, Tagaytay

Super Special La Paz Batchoy  Php 86.00

Super Special with Puto (puto at Php 17.00/2 pcs)
Egg noodles in beef broth with pork liver and chicharon with fried garlic on top.
Came early to have breakfast and ordered Super Special La paz Batchoy.  After few minutes the lady in green is serving the much craved Batchoy. Super Special talaga in taste… You can also try their Extra Super Special Batchoy, an additional isaw for the Extra Super.  The soup is very tasty plus the additional crunch from the chicharon.  I don’t eat liver but it gives that additional flavor to the broth. The warm soup gives the me the energy to start the day (but I would prefer my soup to be served steaming hot or maybe it just because of the climate in Tagaytay).  I dunk my puto (rice cake) in the broth to absorb all the goodness and transformed it to a Super Special Puto! Medyo bland kasi ang taste ng puto.  But sure will be eating here again and again and again. 

Over all experience:

=) =)  Super Okei (Price, Food, Location)

Location: Summit Ridge, Tagaytay City

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