Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Take on ......*Uncle Cheffy*

On the way to Manila the last time my friends and I went to Tagaytay.  Filled with much enthusiasm, we were undecided where to take our lunch, will it be on Chubby’s Ribs or Uncle Cheffy (both in Solenad), consulted my ever reliable planner to see what’s on my list.  Chubby’s is not yet written but Uncle Cheffy was.  By the power of my planner we then go to Uncle Cheffy (but listed Chubby’s right away– I want to try their ribs!!!!).  We chose to sat near the corner to have a much perspective of the place.  The interiors are adorn by wood chops to emphasize the theme of brick oven cooking.  Giving it a rustic appeal but modernized by the fixtures used.

We were still full from our breakfast at Ted’s so we just ordered Salad and their All Meat Platter.

Uncle Cheffy Salad  Php 230 (half)

For starters we chose the Cheffy Salad.  Mesclun greens with potato wedges, asparagus and crispy pork belly with Dijonnaise dressing.  The greens are fresh and crisp.  Potatoes are tender plus the addition of the very crispy pork belly that is complemented by the creaminess of the Dijonnaise.  It’s a very refreshing/semi healthy meal with the guilt after.

All Meat Barbecue  Php 868+

And for the main course we got the Uncle Cheffy all meat barbecue.  Carnivorous as we are, we don’t even check other offers such as seafood, pasta and etc..  It’s a complete line up from Chicken leg, pork ribs, beef ribs to Lamb breast.  Served with a bowl of rice, condiments of salsa, bbq sauce and chimichurri (sauce made of parsley, garlic, vinegar and olive oil used for grilled meat) marble potatoes and some greens.  The meat are cooked perfectly, tender and juicy.  I like the pork ribs most, with the meat falling from the bone, least is the lamb breast, because I am not used to the taste of lamb (hehehe).

We don’t have the chance of trying their pizza line and dessert.  But I will come visit them again to try their brick oven panizza with alfalfa sprouts peeking on top.

Over all Experience

Super Okei  =)  =) (Location, Service, Price, Food)

Location:  Solenad, Nuvali Sta Rosa, Laguna

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