Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Take on ......*Herencia Cafe*

Herencia is a Spanish word meaning heritage or inheritance.  Truly this cafe is a heritage, from the furniture and fixtures used.  The sister cafe of Saramsam in Laoag, Herencia in Paoay is the home of the famous Pinakbet Pizza.  Located in front of the picturesque St. Augustine Church or popularly known as Paoay Church that serves Ilocano Fusion Cuisine.  What a better way to savor the Ilocano cuisine with one of Unesco’s World Heritage site as a view. Your culinary trip to the northern part of the country will not be complete if you miss to dine at Herencia.

The interiors will give you the old feel, used were Vigan tiles for flooring, Florentine glass as dividers, antique furniture and iron as tables and chairs.

Singer Sewing Machines used as legs of the tables
The view inside Herencia Cafe

We ordered their Chicharon with KBL, Chopsuey, Crispy Dinuguan and Ilocano Pizza.

Bagnet  Php 225.00
Bagnet is called chicharon by the Ilocanos.  Crispy deep fried pork, best with their KBL that stands for Kamatis, Bagoong Isda and Lasona (onion).  Not recommended for those who are prone to high blood (board member of the Cholesterol Co.)

Chopsuey  Php 170.00

The veggies are fresh and not overcooked.  Nothing too special with the chopsuey.  

Crispy Dinuguan  Php 165.00

A new approach to our usual Dinuguan.  Their version is fried bits of pork topped with blood stew and garnish with green chili.  You can mix it if you preferred the typical dinuguan.

Ilokandia Pizza  Php 370.00

I had a taste of the Pinakbet Pizza of Café Leona in Vigan before so we got the Ilokandia Pizza.  Instead of using pepperoni they used Longganisa thus making it Ilocano.  I super love the gooey mozzarella cheese with the garlicky flavor from the Longganisa.

I truly enjoyed my gastronomical trip to the beautiful Ilocos!!!

The service staff needs improvement (be more accommodating and helpful to the guests who are still undecided on what to order), it would be nice if you have good food, good view as well as good service.  But still would try their Pasta Ilokana and Pinakbet Pizza on my next visit.

Over all Experience:

Super Okei  =) =) (Food, Atmosphere, Location, Price)

Location: Mc Arthur Highway, Brgy 14, Sangladan, Paoay Ilocos Norte
Contact Nos.: (077) 6140214

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