Friday, May 25, 2012

My Take on ......*Jumbo Dumbo*

My puppy love…my partner…my housemate…my one and only… “JD”.  He will not sleep in the room if I’m not there, wherever I go he will follow, on days without work, he will sleep as long as I sleep, he will not get up if I’m still in bed, he will not leave the room if I am still inside, that’s why I love and adore him. 

with his favorite donut unan
He is chubby, huggable, sweet, smart, gwapo, but super seloso. Matakaw and super lakas mag snore (hehehe nakakatuwa pakinggan). He has a bunch of pet names: Jumbo Dumbo, Jumbing, Jumbolicious, Jumbohala, and Biik (ok lang sa kanya lumalapit din).

He will turn two this September, but he looks like he is 5, heavy as a piglet, pero its ok kasi cute naman ang super duper Jumbolicious ko!

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