Thursday, May 03, 2012

My Take on ......*Milk Tea*

Another craze that’s been hitting Manila and ME, like mushrooms sprouting everywhere.  From Shawarma to Scramble to Frozen Yoghurt and now it’s Milk Tea.  It’s the new addiction of the peeps in the Metro.  Tea has more health benefits and less caffeine than coffee but that doesn’t mean that coffee does not have its own health benefits.

Some advantages of drinking Tea
  •      Can improve your immunity system
  •         Promotes weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  •     Can help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer

But some people do not like the taste of tea (lasang dahon); of course it comes from leaves of a plant from different countries and regions that is steeped to an infuser.  And that is the base of the milk tea where enjoying today.  Milk Tea is a popular beverage from Taiwan that was adapted by neighboring Asian countries.  Now there is a number of Milk Tea café’s in the country.

It has 3 main components, Tea as your base, milk and the sugar. Additional flavors and texture comes from the sinkers.  Plus you can have it hot or iced.  I want mine with less ice, 30-50% sugar, usually with pearls for texture.  Been trying all milk tea in town whether is it popular or not.

Moonleaf Tea Shop

Hakka Milk Tea with Pearl
Wintermelon Milk Tea with Nata

Moonleaf is my favorite and it is very popular to students in the Katipunan area.  Their first branch was in Maginhawa and became the tambayan of students, employees, foodies and ng lahat.  Wintermelon is one of their best sellers.  They now have a branch in E. Rodriguez in Q.C that is so close to my office so no need to travel to Maginhawa just to sip my absolute happiness “Hakka Milk Tea” (kahit isang timba pa).


Pearl Milk Tea
Chatime would probably be the fastest Milk Tea brand that opened in almost all of the malls.  I like their Pearl Milk Tea and Roasted Milk Tea.

Gong Cha

Chocolate Milk Tea & Green Milk Tea

Cited as Top 1 Milk Tea in Metro Manila.  Gong Cha has a unique way on how to savor their House Special.  You need to taste first the milk/cream on top then sip their freshly brewed tea and mix the two for the Gong Cha Experience. 


Dark Chocolate with Rock Salt & Cheese

Serendipitea Milk Tea

From the word Serendipity, it was really a pleasant surprise that their Milk Tea is so yummy.  I got vouchers from Metrodeal with a 50% discount for a large size Milk Tea.  Someone who does not like the taste of milk tea instantly enjoyed their Dark Chocolate with Rock Salt & Cheese which happens to be their best seller.  I love the contrast of flavors (salty and sweet).  While the Serendipitea Milk Tea is just ok.


Hokkaido Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea

One of the pioneers in Milk Tea.  Every time I have a chance of sipping their Wintermelon I feel the tranquility and calmness.  Their Hokkaido is too sweet for my liking.

Simple Line

This is by far the super affordable milk tea I had.  I tried their best seller Tapioca Oolong Milk tea and it was okay.

Cha Dao

Another milk tea from Maginhawa.  Love the Assam Milk Tea because of the strong taste from the Black tea.  I also adore the design of their tea place very homey.

I still have a long list of Milk Tea place to visit. Still have a long list of Happiness.

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =)   (Location, Price, Taste, Health Benefits, Atmosphere)  

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