Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Take on ......*Pahiyas Festival*

My third festival for this year.  Really had no plans of travelling for another 3 to 4 hours and walking under the extreme heat during noontime.  But when I opened the television and saw two TV station featuring the Pahiyas 2012, it made me change my mind.  I love to see the colorful kipings that is used to decorate the house in Lucban. Some says that this is the most colorful festival in the Philippines.  We got there after 3 hours ride from Manila.  We passed by Tayabas, way shorter than the Lucena route to Lucban. 

Pahiyas is celebrated every 15th of May in honor of their patron San Isidro Labrador, this is their way of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest and blessings that Lucbanons received for the past year.  Months of preparation and hard work to plan and decorate their houses with their harvest.  They use mostly kipings (leaf form made from colored rice flour), vegetables and rice.

We first have lunch at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan before heading to the festivities proper. Kamayan is a native restaurant that serves mostly seafood.  One of their specialties is Sinugno, grilled Pla-Pla then cooked in coconut milk.


We also passed by one of the tourist spot in Quezon, the Kamay ni Hesus, devotees eagerly climb the 300 plus steps passing by the Station of the Cross, Adam & Eve, and a replica of Noah’s Ark.

We arrived just on time for the parade, showcasing gowns made from indigenous materials, gigantic mascots, kneeling Carabao, Horses, and Sponsors.  But I was so amazed by the beautiful and colorful houses that I want to take picture of each and every house that lined up the streets.  Not all houses were decorated, each year according to the locals, the route of the parade change meaning when your house is along the streets that the procession will pass by you must decorate your house.  And judges will choose the best one and will be awarded as the Unang Tanging Karangalan with P80,000 (previous years it was 100,000), but there are also awards for different categories.

colored egg shells

this house won 2 awards

the hardworking carabao and his master

colorful kipings

the best among the rest

It also the best time to showcase different products of Lucban, hats and native bags for sale lined up streets as well as the famous Lucban Longganisa and Pancit Hab-Hab.  Your gastronomic visit must try is the Pancit Hab-Hab, noodles served in banana leaf drizzled with vinegar and eaten without fork.  You must eat it from the leaves that’s why it is called Hab-Hab.

Lucban Longganisa

Pancit Hab Hab

The Pahiyas Festival is so fun and colorful.  I hope that for the coming years it will not be over powered by the people gaining from the large turnover of tourist making it an Advertisement festival, so that the next generation can experience the true meaning of Pahiyas.

Over all Experinece:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =)

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