Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Take on ......*Bread Bag Pandesal*

My voucher will expire soon and my dear partner in food trips will be leaving again soon, thus the need to avail this is very substantial.  Pandesal is a staple in every Filipino family’s breakfast table.  Bread Bag is a place that offers pandesal as their main product filled with varieties of Filipino and International viands.  Their pandesal is very soft, chewy, filling and big as a burger bun.  Freshly baked-pugon style.  We got to savor six (6) out of eight (8) kinds of their pandesal sandwich.

Chicken Schnitzel
The Chicken Schnitzel
Pan fried and breaded chicken thigh fillet, served with lettuce, tomato and house gravy.

This one I got to smell, said that it was ok.

Pan ala Cubana
Pan ala Cubana
Sauteed ground beef with tomato sauce, onion, raisins, fried banana & sunny side up egg.

All the component of Ala Cubana is present in this pandesal. This one I like (except for the egg yolk, I don’t like egg yolk), I like tomato sauce and I love the tangy flavor it adds to any food plus I love fried banana. 

Adobo Flakes with Kesong Puti
Adobo Flakes with Kesong Puti
Fried pork and chicken stew in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic topped with Laguna cheese.

The kesong puti gives an additional layer of flavor to our all time favorite Adobo.

Roast Beef
Roast Beef
Beef brisket braised in beef stock, soy sauce, tomatoes, garlic and onions.

This one is also love, the beef is very tender and the sauce is full flavored.

Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken thigh strips and button mushroom with a special gravy.

It’s like Chicken ala King without the veggies.  Very saucy and perfect for the hot pandesal.

Spanish Sardines with Spicy Sauce.

Most of us tried our pandesal with all kinds of sardines, whether sardines with tomato sauce, sauteed or in oil.  This version is one of my favorite.  Before when I am living alone I usually have toasted loaf bread with Spanish sardines for dinner. The sardines is very spicy, (I have low tolerance on spicy food). I shared this one with my office mates and got the portion that has less sardines (kaya nakayanan ko ang spiciness).

The Pan de Plato (open faced pandesal) and Sandwiches (pandesal Sandwich) comes with camote chips as sides.  They also offer wheat pandesal for the health conscious pandesal lovers. 

Cute Bread Bag to go
There are two more kinds the Corned Beef and Kesong Puti.  We will visit them again soon to try those two variants.

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =) (Price, Food, Location, Atmosphere, Service)

Unit 20A/20B Ortigas Home Depot, J. Vargas St., Pasig City
Tel No. : 4703637

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