Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Take on ......*Milk Tea 2*

The craze on milk tea still continues.  New cafes opening from everywhere.  There’s always a milk tea place soon to open, on soft opening, having a grand opening and that is great news, for me and for the entire milk tea addicts.  I have tried a couple more happiness…

Bubble Tea
Royal Milk Tea P110.00
Chocolate Milk Tea P110.00
Bubble Tea has been in several malls for quite some time.  They are the Tokyo Milk Tea Place that offers milk tea, sweets, pastries and savory Japanese-Western dishes.  Their milk tea is ok and a bit expensive; it has more milk than tea.

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea P90.00
Saw their recently opened branch in Banawe.  I like the interior (atmosphere is very homey and the color of the place is very vibrant), the service (staff are very courteous) and of course the milk tea (delicioso).  It has the strong taste of tea which I like.  The pearls used in Dakasi is like “sagong bagets” (small tapioca) and a bit chewy.

Almond Milk Tea P45.00
Pearl Milk Tea P50.00
They have been operating even before the craze starts.  Aside from tea they also offer a number of meals from rice toppings, noodles and snacks.  The milk tea is just ok.  The Almond Milk Tea taste like the dessert you eat in Chinese restaurant.  The Almond oil is very strong that overpower the taste of the tea.

Happy Lemon

One of the more popular brands of milk tea in the Metro.  Long lines of customers can be seen in most of their branch. 

Signature Taiwan Milk Tea P70.00
Another brand from Taiwan.  I love their Signature Taiwan Milk tea; it really tastes good and very affordable.  Before I have a taste of my milk tea, my dear milk tea partner drank half of my tea that means it is really goooooooooood! Plus the attentive,helpful and bubbly staff Ms. Jinky.

Green Tea Milk Tea with Egg Pudding P90.00
Chocolate Milk Tea with Caramel Jelly P90.00
and Hazelnut Milk Tea with Pearls P100.00
One of the top 10 milk tea in the metro (based on  Got to grab their of buy one take one milk tea promo on my second “sip” in the newly opened branch in E. RodriguezI love their Green Tea Milk Tea with Egg Pudding.  Pungent taste of tea with the sweetness from the pudding.

Tea 101
Pearl Milk Tea P75.00
Rock Salt Choco Milk Tea P85.00

Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearl P75.00
Another Milk tea place that offers a variety of Bubble Tea.  I like the 3 flavors that we tried. Right amount of tea and sugar.

Long list of Happiness on my next milk tea adventure.

Over All Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =)  (Location, Price, Taste, Health Benefits, Atmosphere)

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