Monday, July 23, 2012

My Take on ......*Sariwon Korean Barbecue*

Foodies by heart and by soul, blogger, happy campers and almost everyone are raving about restos in Bonifacio High Street.  We started with our gastronomic escapade at Sariwon Korean Barbecue for our super late lunch/afternoon snack.  Sariwon Korean Barbecue started from Sariwon in North Korea.  Developed a broth recipe from different fruits and vegetables for the Korean Bulgogi.  The first restaurant opened with just twenty seven seats and expanded to having 350 seats in their main branch.  Aside from bulgogi, Sariwon is  famed for their “Galbi” or barbecued short ribs.  Now it opened its first branch in the Philippines and we can enjoy the most awarded bulgogi and Galbi of Korea.

My Take on ......*Friendship*

2009 in Tagaytay

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Take on ...... * TeaTap*

The last milk tea on my list.  Last week we visited the place and it was Happiness.  Milk tea is happiness to my palate and the placid atmosphere is very inviting.  Tea Tap is one of the top ten milk tea in Metro Manila (based on  As we entered the place we were welcome by the little cute kitty on the foyer.  Blue, yellow and beige are the dominant colors. Calmness is what you will feel amidst the busy street outside unlike in any other milk tea places that you will order and leave immediately after.  Here you can stay as long as you want, chill and think.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Take on ......*David's Hot Pot*

A week ago my friends and I had a shabu shabu dinner at David’s Hot Pot in a mall in Quezon City.  We initially plan to dine in Tong Yang but it is out of the way for most of us.  We already tried it a year ago but this time we are almost complete so decided to give it another go.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Take on ......*Ma Chicken Mami House*

Before being amazed by Spidey, had a quick dinner at another noodle house. Just across the cinema is a little dining place for people who wants to enjoy a delicious and affordable meal.  Ma Chicken Mami House is catering to noodle soup lovers.  They are the counterpart of North Park Noodle which is their sister company. The menu is very simple that you won’t have a difficult time deciding on what to have.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Take on ......*North Park*

We are now half way for the year 2012.  And the rainy season starts since last month.  Almost every week new typhoon is coming in our country.  What a way to beat the cold weather is to slurp on hot soup and dishes or just by sitting on your couch having your favorite comfort meal.  Last week I enjoyed North Park Noodle House in Banawe.  North Park is known for their sumptuous and delicious meal.  We usually dine here together with my friends and ordered Birthday noodles, yang chow and chicken, but this time it’s for their Mami. I wanted a noodle soup at another Mami house, but saw North Park on our way home.