Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Take on ......*North Park*

We are now half way for the year 2012.  And the rainy season starts since last month.  Almost every week new typhoon is coming in our country.  What a way to beat the cold weather is to slurp on hot soup and dishes or just by sitting on your couch having your favorite comfort meal.  Last week I enjoyed North Park Noodle House in Banawe.  North Park is known for their sumptuous and delicious meal.  We usually dine here together with my friends and ordered Birthday noodles, yang chow and chicken, but this time it’s for their Mami. I wanted a noodle soup at another Mami house, but saw North Park on our way home. 

We arrived a little bit early for dinner so there are less occupied tables and the service was fast, but as soon as we are starting with our meal families start to fill up empty tables.

We ordered……

Lechon Macau Fried Rice  Php 238.00
One of the favorites and best seller in NP is this crispy and tender pork belly on top of the perfectly cooked egg fried rice served with sweet thick lechon macau sauce and pickled radish. My dear partner love to mix the sauce with the fried rice.

Prawn Dumpling and Nanking Beef Noodle Soup  Php 136.00
and Bola Bola Siopao  Php 48.00
The meal that took me in one of the tables of North Park.  The Hongkong noodles are what make it to my Mami list.  Their noodles are made from Farm Fresh egg. I love the prawn dumpling, very fresh and plump and Nanking beef is so soft.  The hot flavorful broth is so comforting on a cold rainy day.

The best buddy for my Mami is this soft, whitey siopao.  The filling has pork meatballs, shitake mushrooms and lapcheong.  The ratio of the filling to the bun is just right.

Shanghai Rolls  Php 138.00
This is not really included in our initial order.  Just got curious with the picture mounted on the wall.  At first I thought it was a dessert because of the sesame seeds.  But the server told us that it was shanghai. Their filling is very smooth, I want shanghai that has more texture with a crunch from the minced veggies.

Sharks Fin Dumpling  Php 88.00
The size of their dumpling is big and they do not skimp on fillings (pork, black fungus and carrots). I love it because it is very moist and juicy.

I would go back to try their Congee.

Over all Experience:

Super Okei  =) =) (Service, Food, Price, Location/Parking)

689 Banawe St., Quezon City

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