Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Take on ...... * TeaTap*

The last milk tea on my list.  Last week we visited the place and it was Happiness.  Milk tea is happiness to my palate and the placid atmosphere is very inviting.  Tea Tap is one of the top ten milk tea in Metro Manila (based on  As we entered the place we were welcome by the little cute kitty on the foyer.  Blue, yellow and beige are the dominant colors. Calmness is what you will feel amidst the busy street outside unlike in any other milk tea places that you will order and leave immediately after.  Here you can stay as long as you want, chill and think.  

Welcome! says the cute kitty

I asked the staff for her recommendation and did my homework on what to order.

Green Tea Mousse P90.00

Formosa Roast Black Milk Tea with Egg Pudding P 90.00

Hokkaido Milk Tea with Pearl P95.00
I love all three flavors that we’ve tried.  My favorite would be the Green Tea Mousse because of the pungent flavor of the Tea with a salty contrast from the white mousse.  The Formosa Roast is also love plus the sweetness of the egg pudding.  I usually have my tea with 50% sweetness level maybe next time I would try having mine with 25-30% sugar.  The Hokkaido is delish with the chewy pearls.

They also offer varieties of snacks and meals to go with your milk tea.  We sampled some of their best sellers.

Takoyaki  (6pcs.) P120.00
Pan grilled takoyaki balls with octopus, spring onion, red ginger, cabbage, mayonnaise, bonito flakes and sweet takoyaki sauce

That is why it is one of their snack best sellers.  Freshly cooked and not fishy.  I like the creaminess and tenderness combined.  Plus the texture of the octopus added by the sweetness from the sauce that is countered by the saltiness of the bonito flakes.

Chicken Chop P85.00
Thin slice of chicken.  Very crispy and flavorful.  The servings in TeaTap are big enough that can be shared by two.  Unless you’re super hungry.

Hayashi Hamburg Rice P190.00
Hayashi Hamburg Rice
Japanese style hamburg patty with red wine and hayashi tomato beef gravy sauce on white rice.

The patty is moist, very strong flavor from the red wine minus the alcohol content.

Chili Cheese Dynamite P120.00
Fried Green chili pepper filled with cheese, rolled in thin crunchy pastry flour.

I adore the design of their cup and the cover.  Very cute and colorful.  Very refreshing to the eyes.  I enjoyed staring at their display, kitty, fixtures and the furniture.

Don’t forget to greet this little surprise on the counter...

just 1 peso and ....

this cutie will show up

ang kyut mo!!!!
After three days and I’m back again at TeaTap with the rest of the group.  And I will definitely be back again soon.

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =) (Location, Atmosphere, Price, Food, Service, Cleanliness, Parking)

G/F Ongpauco Sisters Bldg.
P. Guevarra St. cor. Wilson St.
Sta. Lucia, San Juan City 

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