Monday, August 20, 2012

My Take on ......*Milk Tea 3*

This is my third batch of Milk Tea exploration…they keep on sprouting like mushrooms and my list is endless.  Who would complain to this list of Happiness.

Tea Tap
Green Tea Mousse  Php 90.00

Formosa Roast Black with Pudding  Php 90.00

Hokkaido Black Milk Tea Php 95.00
Tea Tap is by far one of the milk tea places that I enjoyed.  Calmness and Happiness combined.  The placid atmosphere and the very refreshing interiors.  The combination of colors and design is very cute (I love blue and yellow).  They also serves snacks and meals which are truly delish!  And one cute fellow will surely catch your attention, he is waiting at the foyer.


Green Tea Cheese Froth  Php 95.00

Roast Sencha Milk Tea  Php 110.00
Conveniently located in the food court of Trinoma Mall.  The strong taste of the tea is very evident.  Love the froth on the green tea. Contrasting flavors of sweet and salty.

Wintermelon Milk Tea  Php 85.00

Chocolate Milk Tea  Php 85.00

Okinawa Milk Tea  Php 85.00

Pearl Green Milk Tea  Php 85.00

Another Milk tea that is popular among students.  Most of their branches are located near colleges and universities.  They offer a wide array of drinks.

Tea Concoctions
Pearl Milk Tea  Php 60.00
Also one of the affordable milk tea around.  Like their version of Pearl Milk Tea.

Saint’s Alp
Chocolate White Moustache  Php 140.00

Green Tea White Moustache  Php 110.00

Included in one of the top milk tea based on  Their place is very inviting, industrial/modern interiors.  One of their best seller is the white moustache drinks.  They also offer variety of meals as well.

Assam Milk Tea  Php  78.00
Saw this while strolling in a mall in Taguig.  They offer an extensive list of beverage from classic tea to snow ice.  Ordered their Assam Milk Tea and it was very good.

Over All Experience
Super Duper Okei  =) =) =) (Location, Drinks, Taste, Service, Price, Atmosphere, Food)


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