Monday, September 24, 2012

My Take on ......*Palawan*

Few days ago I went to Palawan…and another gastronomic adventure for me.  I’ve been to Palawan a couple times and planning to visit again for another food adventure.  My flight was delayed for a good two hours (always with this airline).  I just had coffee and orange juice for breakfast and I can hear my stomach grumbling.  Arrived in time for early lunch.  

Went to Ignacio’s Eatery, a very popular eatery in Puerto Princesa.  Delicious home cooked meals and pancit with reasonable price are the reasons why people keep coming back in Ignacio’s.  Since it was on a weekend and few hours before lunch time, many tables are unoccupied.  I chose the table near the window for ventilation and light.  It is a semi self-service eatery so you need to order your food on the counter.  The service staffs are courteous and polite.  The surroundings are clean and tidy.

Clockwise: Fried Tilapia, Ginisang Ampalaya, Pork Menudo, Beef Mechado

Come dinner time and I am still full with the afternoon snack we had at Robinson.  Milk tea from Tea.rrific, Siomai, Potato Wedge and Buko Shake. We also had our sugar load from Divine sweets.

The sansrival is good, the butter cream is not overly sweet and the meringue is chewy. 

We decided to push with our original dinner plan at Kinabuchs.  It is one of the famous and recommended restaurant in Puerto Princesa.  They have a wide selection of dishes.  I wanted to try the breaded Tamilok but unfortunately it is not available (lucky me!). And we ordered to our tummies delight.


Baby Back Ribs

Baked Tuna

Beef Curry

Crsipy Pata

The food was great and generous in serving.  They have ample space for parking and a wide screen for general viewing of sports match.

The next day was spent resting and waiting for another food exploration for lunch.  And it will be in the original Inato place in Palawan.  We are all familiar with Inasal of Bacolod but in Palawan they call it Inato. 

Chicken Inato

Buko and Avocado Shake

Chicken Skin Chicharon

Sinigang na Hipon
The shake was very refreshing for the hot climate.  The Chicken Inato is so full of flavor that sips up to the bone.  Chicken skin is crispy and not oily and the Sinigang has the right amount of sourness and the shrimps are so fresh and sweet.

By snack time I am so happy to found out that in front of our Pension where we are staying is a Tea Place.  Meaning a milk tea for me. (Very much enjoying milk tea!)


Classic Chai Tea
Matcha Green Tea

The price is very affordable that it clicks to the students nearby.  The taste is ok, not what I was expecting.  But still I satisfied my milk tea craving for that day.

After lounging at Basic Tea, we went to visit some tourist spot in the city.  We first stopped at the Immaculate Cathedral which is the nearest to where we are, then a few steps away is the Plaza Cuartel an old garrison where the Japanese burned 143 American soldiers. Then hired a tricycle to Baker’s Hill, a park, picnic area and bakery in one.  They offer the best and freshly baked hopia as well as other baked goodies such as chocolate crinkles, ensaymada, pianono and many more.

Baked Goodies from Baker's Hill
After visiting some of the tourist spots we head back to the Pension house.  We planned to have dinner at Ka Lui but when we are about to make our reservation we are informed that it is closed on Sundays.  Before I knew it I was sleeping like a baby in a fluffy marshmallow.  The next day after breakfast courtesy of Balayong Pension (free Tapsilog hahaha!) head to the airport and fly back to Manila.

I will definitely be back to visit the Underground River and Ka Lui (I have tried it before on my first visit to Palawan).

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =) (as always!)

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