Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Take on ......*Zubuchon*

Who wouldn’t know the “Anthony Bourdain”?!? I always watched his program where he visit different countries and trying out their local (authentic!) cuisine, his gastronomic trips always include a bottle of beer and few sticks of cigarettes.  But his views, comments and opinions are very true and precise.  Few years back he visited our country and tried one of our famous lechon in Zubuchon.   We Filipinos have different ways of cooking and flavoring our roasted pig.  One of the best tasting lechon can be found in Cebu…”Lechon Cebu”, what makes it different from other lechon is the very moist and tasty meat that can be devoured even without the lechon sauce or Mang Tomas (for some Pinoy), but they serve a different condiment with the lechon Cebu, a combination of soy sauce and vinegar.  Zubuchon is one of the restaurants in Cebu that offers the most delicious lechon Cebu.  I have read and heard a lot of raves about Zubuchon and at last I had a chance to try it few weeks ago.

We arrived in the Queen City of the South very early and we decided to have our breakfast in Zubuchon, unfortunately only the breakfast menu is available, which gave us a chance to try the Pritchon meal (pritong lechon) and a reason to come back for the famous Lechon.

Pritchon  Php 150.00
The pritchon is lechon slices deeply fried thus giving it a crispy texture.

Kamias (Iba) Shake  Php 90.00
Kamias Shake as they say is the best beverage to go with their lechon; it has “anti-fat properties” that helps you eat lechon with less guilt.

The next day we had dinner at one of the branches of Zubuchon.  And now the time for the superstar.
Lechon 1/2 kilo  Php 260.00
The lechon is very moist and flavorful.  It comes with bits of skin that is very crispy and crunchy.
Adobong Kangkong  Php80.00
We also had the Adobong Kangkong with lechon slices and chicharon.  The ordinary kangkong with a twist of lechon slices and crispy chicharon as topping.
Santol Juice  Php 90.00
Instead of Kamias we tried their Santol juice. No sourness because the santol meat is brined in water with sugar.  Very refreshing.  After you quench yourself with the juice you can opt to munch on the santol meat.  I remember watching a TV program recently featuring the favorite food of our National Heroes, and Minatamis na Santol is one of them.  I forgot who it was, if it’s Dr. Jose Rizal or Ninoy Aquino.

The taste of the lechon still lingers and I crave even more even I am in Manila. 

Over all Experience:

Super Duper Okei  =) =) =) (Location, Price, Food, Ambience, Service)

One Mango Avenue
Cebu City 

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