Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Take on ......*Yabu*

After bugging and waiting for a couple of weeks for my dear food trip partner, few days ago we had dinner at the most raved katsu place in the Metro…”Yabu the house of katsu”.  I read and heard a lot about this resto and been craving ever since.  The place opened their first branch in Megamall and it was a success, recently opened their second baby in Robinsons Magnolia and it was also a boom.  Lucky me it is a stone throw away from my office.  Before heading to our dinner I already did my homework and knew what we will have on our table.

Arrived a little early before dinner time, as what we had planned because the place is full house during peak hours/meal time.  You can end up in the waiting list and it would take you half an hour before sitting down.  Lucky us the place is packed but there are few more tables available.

As soon as we sat down, menu was handed and John (our server) was very attentive and courteous.  He made sure that we will enjoy our meal comfortably.  The first thing that arrived on our table was a bowl of sesame seeds.  This is the fun part when eating in Yabu.  You will grind the sesame yourself and pour Tonkatsu sauce as much as you desire and you have your own Katsu dip.

For the appetizer we opted for Potato Salad and Edamame.  The Potatoes are very tender and the creaminess of the dressing makes it very velvety.  Edamame is young soybeans, boiled and seasoned with salt.  I love the saltiness that it gives to the pods.

Potato Salad and Edamame Php 198.00

The main dish, we chose the Kurobuta Pork (Black Pig), this is one of their best sellers.  The marbling of the pork is very rich and was cooked perfectly.  On the other side is the Seafood Katsu Set.  It has complete line up of the sea family.  Cream Dory, Oyster, Scallop, Tiger Shrimp and Squid.  I was surprised that the oyster taste very fresh and delish.  The scallop and shrimp are very tender, while the Dory is creamy and flaky.

Kurobuta Katsu Set  Php 575.00

Seafood Katsu Set  Php 485.00
One thing that Yabu offer and a plus for the diners are the unlimited Cabbage with Sesame dressing and Japanese Rice.

We didn’t try their dessert because we are so full from the generous amount of Katsu.  I will come back for their Katsudon as it has its own following.  I would say that the price is very reasonable for the quality and taste Yabu offers.

Over All Experience: 

Super Duper OKei =) =) =) (Location, Taste, Service, Price, Atmosphere)

Basement Level
Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd., Quezon City

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