Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Take on ......*Love*

There is God’s best for everyone (tama nga ang sister ko!) It is not measured on how long or short you have been together, but on God’s perfect timing.  When I was in high school I asked him and prayed “Lord, bigyan mo ko ng sign para sa ibibigay mo sakin na partner.  Kung sino yung magbibigay sakin ng isang dozen ng favorite kong flower ibig sabihin sya yung gusto mong maging partner ko.” It happened two or three years after. I was already in college, after school I saw an arrangement of flowers in the dining table and it was for me but I didn’t took it seriously, I thought maybe he knew my sign then I prayed again “Second sign ko po dodoblehin yung unang sign ko.”  It did not happen.  I entered in a relationship that last for years, on random occasions I will receive flowers either one long stem or three lovely roses (di ko na naisip yung sign ko, baka di totoo), it has good and bad times but didn’t work.  Then one day my phone rang and the voice on the other line told me “Labas ka may aabot lang ako sa’yo” and so I did.  He handed me a bouquet of my favorite flower, I immediately remember my second sign. Asked him “Ilan piraso to?” he answered “24”.  Oh my golly wow my heart jumped for joy.  I messaged him “Alam mo ba yung sign ko?”, and he knew nothing.  He was the same guy who gave me my first dozen of blue roses 12 years ago.  Now I am sure that he is God’s best for me.  Who would have thought that after a decade and a half, we would travel the same path and re connect.  It is truly amazing how God works.  I am so blessed that the person who is there and always will be there in good or bad, happy or sad, up or down, laughter and tears, is the one He chose for me.  True love waits, trust and respect.  Indeed God blessed the broken road and led me straight to him.  Thank you D! You are the fluffiest!