Monday, January 21, 2013

My Take on ......*Indonesia*

Asian destination….Southwest of the Philippines is the Wonderful country of Indonesia.  Another discounted airfare for me and my friends that we got early this year.  It’s not really on my wish country to visit and explore, never heard a lot about the beauty of Indonesia until the devastating Tsunami last 2006 that hit one of their tourist destination…Bali.

We will be spending three days in Bali and 2 days in Jakarta.  Arrived in Jakarta when the entire country still asleep.  We transferred immediately to their domestic airport to catch the very first flight to Bali.  Bali is like the Boracay of the Philippines.  Tourist destination, night life, shopping and food tripping. Relaxation at it’s finest.

Ang ganda ng airport nila…the old airports are under renovation to adapt to new design, system and technology.
Panaromaic view (outside) domestic airport

Panoramic view (inside) domestic airport
 Our home for three days

Hotel Flora Kuta Bali

Two talbog away from our hotel

Chicken Satay for  brunch
 J. Co donuts recently became a craze/hit in Manila especially to those who loves donuts and sweets.  They are originally from Indonesia, so we made sure to visit one of their branch in Bali

i love you J. Co.

For the  budget traveller

their local beer for my friends

mojito for me
The next day was dedicated to Temple tour

 And then it is surfing 101...

picture taking muna

with my instructor

after several attempts

nakatayo din ako!!! woohoo!!!
And after a super banat na buto morning we met our friends and had lunch at one of the friendly neighborhood carinderia.

"pg (patay gutom) meal"
And we went to Discovery Mall, and we had our snack of Roti and Milk Tea. The mall is just couple of blocks away from our hotel so to burn all the calories, we decided to walk back and passed by some souvenir shops.

addicted to milk tea

Then back to Jakarta for another day, fortunately it was Jakarta Culinary Festival, a month long celebration for food enthusiasts.

my motto...hehehe
Then off to Manila…

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