Tuesday, January 01, 2013

*New Year*

New Year….New beginning….my 2012 has been a roller coaster ride, up and down with a few bumps on the side, it started good and becoming better but in Q3 was the worst bump, it drained me mentally and emotionally the most.  Good thing my family and friends are always around me.  But who am I to question God’s plan, he was preparing me for my best ride.  He showered me with blessings all year round and the best present I received without expecting.  He opened my heart and my mind for the person he wants for me.

This year will be a year of hope, love and happiness.  May my friendship continue to be bonded, may my family be healthy all year round, may the company I worked for continue to progress, may Jumbo continue to be a good baboy ay dog pala and may my ever DEARest be happy and loving as always.

Everything happens in God’s time and he fulfills all the plans he has for us.

Welcome 2013!!!! 

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